A little box of comfort


A warm fire on a snowy day

The smell of coffee first thing in the morning

A hot shower after a long day

Your favorite meal placed right in front of you

Crawling into bed at the end of the day

Receiving a package in the mail

I LOVE getting mail!  There is nothing like it.  It means somebody, days before, was thinking of ME.  And not only did they think of me, they acted on that thought and decided to let me know they were thinking of me via mail.  Not an email, or a facebook post, a text message, or even a phone call, all of which I love as well, but an actual take the time, buy the postage, drop it off at the post office piece of mail!  Sigh.  That’s love.

This past Thursday comfort slapped me right in the face in the form of  a package delivered on my doorstep late in the afternoon.  It had been a day I was hoping I wouldn’t remember (you know you’ve had them), and I was getting ready to head to a meeting.  I opened the front door and there it was…the second thing to make me smile that day, the first being a phone call from my dad.  The best part…the package was from a person I have never met.  A friend of my parents in Texas, she had read my last blog entry about a lemon meringue pie, and thought I would enjoy not only her family recipe for Lemon Creme Pie, but ALSO 3 beautiful, fresh lemons from her brother’s lemon tree in Phoenix!  What joy!

Of course I had to try it!  I won’t post it here because it’s not mine to share, but trust me…it was heavenly.  I whipped this pie up Easter morning to bring to my in-laws for Easter dessert, and was so happy with how it turned out.  Plus, I always feel like part of a secret club when someone shares a family recipe with me.  Nerdy?  Yes.  And I love it.

Have you really ever seen a lemon so beautiful?  The leaves attached are the best!  And the flavor was magnificent!  Thank you Mary, for your kindness, thoughtfulness, generosity, and friendship!  Know that your family recipe was loved and shared by my family this Easter!

Your turn!  What things bring you comfort?


9 thoughts on “A little box of comfort

  1. Sarah says:

    A hug 🙂
    Apple crisp
    Chocolate milk
    The smell of onions sauteing
    Reading a book by a fire and falling asleep that way

    Those bring me comfort 🙂

    And Annie. You bring me comfort. You’re so amazing.

  2. Aaron says:

    Foggy fall days and a burn pile of limb trimmings.



    Those rare days where the weather is so bad I don’t want to go outside, and it turns out I don’t have to.

    But onions Sarah? Those burn my eyes.

  3. Mary Hilton says:

    Annie, you have absolutely made my day, and blessed me beyond measure! Thank you! I am so humbled by your beautiful writing and photographs…thank you, friend.

  4. Tara says:

    My top three, for today at least…
    1) hippy corn (popcorn with brewers yeast)-comfort food of choice
    2) Sitting in front of the fire with hot chocolate, listening to Jeff Nelson play the piano, preferably with my husband
    3) sleeping


  5. mama says:

    A freshly brewed cup of coffee first thing in the morning

    A day with a blizzard and knowing that I couldn’t go anywhere if I wanted to so I just wrap myself up with a warm kitchen and start cooking and baking with whatever food I happen to have as if we were learning how to survive (don’t get those anymore)

    Saturday afternoons with nothing to do but crochet or read


    Art class

    My daughters

  6. Sweet J says:

    Falling asleep on the couch watching “I Dream of Jeanie” or “Bewitched” with my feet in Kerry’s lap while she crochets.

    Happy sons and daughters.

    A compliment with details. (Means they’re not just being nice but something I did or wrote or said or sung made their life better.)

    Mashed potatoes and gravy with dinner rolls to dip.

    Having a new song or essay take form at my fingertips.

    A band that laughs and doesn’t want to go home even when it is getting ridiculously late.

    A car that runs well.

  7. sweetannieskitchens says:

    My favorites of yours so far…
    Sarah–chocolate millk and a hug
    Tara–sleeping (when I was little I had a huge problem sleeping, and now it brings me a TON of comfort!)
    Matthew–that both sunny days AND rainy days made your list
    Dad–a car that runs well

    I’d like to add all of these to my list as well. 🙂

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