Oh Johnny, Deere

“I will never put my name on a product that does not have in it the best that is in me.” ~ John Deere

It’s true that my heart holds just a little bit of a special spot for John Deere.  Aaron and I worked and lived for a couple of years at the epicenter of John Deere.  We moved to Moline, Illinois the first week of January 2005 in the butt freezing cold.  No seriously…it was -7 degrees as we pulled into town.  We looked at each other and I cried.  We had no idea what kind of town we were entering and about ready to become a part of.  What we found was a community unlike any other that we had lived in, people that were genuine, kind, and some of the best people we have ever met, and lots and lots of John Deere.  I got to work by way of John Deere Road, and my health insurance coverage was through John Deere Medical Group.  I’m serious.

  • *Side note–making the Quad Cities almost as equally famous as John Deere has is the wildly popular Isabel Bloom.  Shout out to all my Quad Cities friends who have at least 5 of these out year round, as well as the seasonal ones that get traded out every few months. My intrigue with these crazy little figurines has been unmatched to date.

Aside from my geographical closeness to the organization, one of our best friends is a grass seed farmer over in Silverton, Oregon and therefore pretty much able to communicate with the late John Deere himself.  Joking.  But in all honesty, their farm and operation is so huge they could probably keep John Deere in business with their establishment alone.

This week his son turns two, and over the weekend his wonderful wife, who is one of the best people I know, threw him a John Deere themed birthday party.  Here’s the thing about Shauna…she is an entertainer extraordinaire!  She’s amazing!  When she throws a party, she doesn’t hold back.  Which is why they are so much fun!

This past weekend she allowed me the pleasure of decorating the cupcakes for her sweet little boy, and I can’t stop thinking about how cute they were.  Can you blame me?

Not only are these just about too cute too eat, the place looked amazing!  Her main centerpiece was a strip of sod down the middle of the table with John Deere tractors lined up on it.

So creative!

I love that she can take one small idea and turn it into a theme that resonates creativity.  With as much as we love their family and everything they are in our lives, it was such a joy to be able to have a small part in their little boy’s big day!


7 thoughts on “Oh Johnny, Deere

  1. Jess S says:

    those cupcakes are awesome! The dentist office across the street from our church is also John Deere themed. I move from the Quad Cities to here and it follows!

    So do you own any Isabel Bloom yourself? 🙂

  2. ryanandadriel says:

    Wow, that is crazy! And so fun! 🙂 I’ve been thinking about Levi’s first birthday party for a while now… I think it’s more of a milestone for the parents than for the kids who turn 1…. 🙂 but so much fun! I can’t wait. Wish I could employ you to make us some sweet treats for it… But flying a caterer to Australia isn’t really in the budget. 😦

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