The Red Cups Have Arrived!

I woke up this morning thinking about this very thing…

…not necessarily the coffee sitting inside of the cup, but the pretty red paper cup that tells me the holidays are well on their way.  I am crazy about the holidays, and the arrival of these stunning red cups each year tells me several things.

  • It is officially okay to start listening to Christmas music. It doesn’t mean you’re passing up Thanksgiving and all of its wonderfulness.  It only means that you want more than 3 weeks to enjoy listening to Jessica Simpson’s Christmas album.  Don’t judge me.
  • Christmas Lists can be made! Aaron is quick to get me his list each year.  He has a ton of hobbies, and never has a problem giving me ideas of the latest thing he wants.  On the top of his list this year…a gun case.  Does that mean I have to go into the Army Surplus store all by myself? *Sigh*
  • Scarf and cute hat wearing season is in full swing! I want this one, and this one, but am so thankful to have this one sitting in my closet waiting for some cold weekend walks, courtesy of my lovely husband and his excellent taste in clothing.
  • You won’t get strange looks if you wear UGG boots. Before red paper cup season, it’s just silly looking.
  • Holiday movies are fair game. For Thanksgiving, watching Meet Me In St. Louis or Planes, Trains, and Automobiles makes me feel like I’m home with my family, and there are few things in life better than that.  There are just too many that I love for Christmas to list, but since my favorite movie of all time just happens to be a Christmas movie, I’ll let you in on it…The Family Stone.  It’s absolute brilliance cleverly placed into 103 minutes.  If you haven’t watched it, do so.
  • Holiday Baking and menu planning can commence. These are on my list this year…

These are a must EVERY year! Not only are they completely adorable, they taste like Christmas too!

Pfeffernusse! My mom has made these darling little buttons at Christmas since before I can remember. You have to love anise, but if you out!

Salty Caramel Croquembouche with Ricotta Cream. Believe it. It's happening this year.

Fudge. Any kind of fudge. I have only had one fudge recipe turn out in my life. There is something about it that I just can't seem to get, but nevertheless...I'll try again.

I’m sure there will be more, but that’s what’s on my list as of this most glorious Red Paper Cup Day!

In years past I have busied myself so much during the holidays that they fly by and I don’t get to enjoy the small things that bring a smile to my face and brighten my day.  This year, I’m soaking in this season with everything I’ve got!

How about you?  When do you start celebrating the holiday season (Thanksgiving AND Christmas)?  What’s on your holiday baking menu?

11 thoughts on “The Red Cups Have Arrived!

  1. kerry says:

    I *heart* you a real lot!!!

    Now I only make pfeffernusse when one of you girls is involved in my Christmas somehow (or if your dad cries really, really loud). I cannot imagine how to get that beautiful little zigzag glaze on each one, but YUM!

    Can’t wait for each and every blog post about all the things you’re gonna make and do this season. You make me a little excited for the holidays!

  2. kerry says:

    Oh, yeah…I also really, really love the red cups each year at Starbucks as well. NOTHING says the holidays quite like Starbucks for me. I get one of their ornaments for my tree every year. 🙂

  3. Sarah Swan says:

    Pfeffernusse is on my list every year for baking! I plan to do it again this year. Though I, too, don’t know how to do that zig zag on all of them, so I won’t. I would love to be around for that salted caramel thing though. My goodness, that made me instantly hungry!

  4. Carla says:

    You could come to CO, we could journey to Cabela’s together, and come home with a gun case for Aaron! What a great plan – do it! 🙂

  5. Alia says:

    OK…officially getting excited for the Holiday Season!!! Today I am setting up my Pandora to all things Christmas and starting my several lists…gifts, baking, festive activities etc…

    Annie, have you and Aaron been to the Cabela’s store in Lacey WA? It’s about a 2 plus hr. drive from P-town. Even if you’re not a hunter it’s a pretty amazing store to peruse.

    • sweetannieskitchens says:

      We haven’t been to that one! I didn’t even know they had one up there! However, I grew up in Sterling, Colorado, 45 minutes from the one in Nebraska. 🙂 I’ve been there a TON of times! I like it. And it would be way less intimidating than walking into the Army Surplus store by myself.

      Have so much fun working on Holiday Fun today!!!

  6. Erin says:

    I have missed you like crazy! This little tid bit was so fun to read! You bring such joy! And now, I (who wasn’t going to do anything due to a trip to Hawaii for Christmas) want to decorate/bake and celebrate in full fury this most wonderful of seasons! One thing I don’t understand is how you and Aaron and all your friends stay skinny with all your amazing baking! I wouldn’t be able to say “no” to third and fourth helpings of your delights! Haha!

    • sweetannieskitchens says:

      Erin!! I miss YOU! When are you heading back to Bend for a visit? A trip to Hawaii for Christmas sounds heavenly, but there is never a good reason to not decorate and bake. And I know you like to bake! Do it anyway!

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