Trivial, but oh so thankful!

A list of some of the most trivial things I’m thankful for, but nevertheless, I love them.  Happy Thanksgiving!

NBA League Pass–Sometimes it shows weird shots, and sometimes it’s just a royal pain, but it still allows me to watch every Celtics game played this season!

People Puzzler–Therapy on a flimsy magazine page.

Hulu–Watch my favorite shows whenever I want? Yes please.

Studded tires and heated seats–Allows me to drive to coffee through the treacherous mounds of snow currently on the ground, all while keeping my buns warm.

Constant coverage and details of the upcoming royal wedding for the next year–Need I say more? I can’t get enough of this royal family.

Skype–Being able to see and visit with my family thousands of miles away is just about the most fantastic thing ever.

Dual control heated mattress pad–Let’s face it. Aaron and I are never going to agree on a temperature that we like.  This may have just saved our marriage once or twice.

Kidd Kraddick In The Morning–I’ll admit that Kidd drives me absolutely crazy and I take every opportunity to tell him so, but these guys never fail to provide good entertainment each morning.

Taylor Swift’s iPhone App–Hello! Up to the minute tweets and updates on my favorite singer ever?! Okay.

Neti Pot–Always resistant, but my sinuses are always thankful.

Parenthood–Probably my favorite TV drama this year. Such a great portrayal of forgiveness, struggle, love, acceptance, and family.

Lip gloss–Instantly makes me feel dressed up.

YouTube–Little bits of gratification and laughter that can be viewed over and over…and over again.

Straws–I’m convinced they make my drink taste better.

How about you? What trivial things are you thankful for?

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