Best of 2010

It’s been a good year.  One filled with more laughter, tons more smiles, a lot more freedom, way less tears, loads of blessings, deep friendships made deeper, new experiences, and a crazy amount of family!

Here are my best of 2010!

  • Meeting Matthew Fox.  This was truly the first thing that happened in 2010 and I knew right away this was going to be a great year.  I know, I know…this has the potential to make me appear very shallow.  But try as I might (which I don’t), I can’t keep from being completely starstruck.  It certainly didn’t help that I’ve been an avid stalker follower of him  since his Party of Five days.  I like to say that we spent New Year’s Eve together.  We had a short talk about LOST, good places to eat in Bend, and how he was spending New Year’s Eve.  It wasn’t long after our meeting that he was accused of this, and well…who am I kidding…I still love the guy!

  • This kid.

He has seriously and wonderfully changed our family.  He brings more joy, love, and laughter than I ever thought he could, and I cannot imagine our family without these funny bones (my mother’s affectionate name for him) in it.

  • Aaron graduated with his master’s, thus marking a huge turn around for us.  Then in early summer he got hired as a teacher!!  This was a crazy blessing considering our school district had to do several layoffs this year.  He was hired as the government and wood shop teacher at one of the local high schools and we have been super blessed by this group of kids.
  • I discovered this blog and this blog which provided at least one laugh every day of this year.   Their writing is brilliantly clever.
  • Seeing T. Swift in concert with the lovely Johnson’s!  This was not a cheap event, but worth every last penny!  I’m hoping her next tour will make it on my Best of 2011 list!
  • Discovering Dexter.  I sincerely and passionately love this show.  It is absolutely brilliant.
  • I finally joined the ranks of those who own an iPhone and it completely revolutionized my life.  I keep my very busy life much more scheduled, my Scrabble skills are being sharpened every day, and I have an app that turns my voice into T-Pain.  How did I get along without this?
  • Seeing The Rockettes live!  Oh my.  This was magical.  Aaron planned a trip for us to Portland to enjoy this show just two days before Christmas, and I was so excited, I felt like a kid!  It was one of the coolest things I’ve ever watched!  That’s definitely one for the bucket list!

This year has been one filled with events that have forever found a place in my memories.  I’m more than thankful for another year to spend with my adoring husband, my lovely friends, my wonderful family, and my sweet nephew.  It’s going to take a lot to top this past year.  2011 has some big shoes to fill!

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