January Joys

Does January feel like the longest of the 12 months to anybody else?  I’m pretty thankful I had a cute nephew that was born during this month to break up the monotony of cold, gray, dead trees, cold, frost, dirty cars, and cold.  I decided to find some things that would make this long (and did I mention cold?) month memorable.  Here are a few of the things that I am most looking forward to!

  • I’m participating in Bryan Allain’s Blog Rocket program.  I’m super stoked for it!  Starting this blog was one of the funnest things I did in 2010 and I’m looking to take it to the next level this year.  This guy’s legit.  If you haven’t checked out his blog yet, take a few moments to.  Be prepared for a little shake up here at A Spoonful of Sugar!
  • I am so excited to be able to create the dessert for my childhood best friend’s baby shower!  Laura and I met in first grade in Mrs. Anderson’s class and were best friends for years!  I feel blessed that while many times very far apart, our friendship has stood the test of time.
  • I’m headed home in 5 days!!  Colorado bound to celebrate Em’s first birthday!  Not only do I get to celebrate with him, I get to make his first birthday cupcake and see him smash it into his face.  Worth every last penny I spent on my plane ticket.
  • Chaperoning the annual South Seas dance at Mt.View High School.  It will be our 3rd year chaperoning this tropical themed dance.  With its scantily dressed teenage girls and the completely inappropriate dancing, it’s always a good reminder that should I ever have a child, it better be a boy (sorry Katie Huff!).  Two years ago a couple of girls came wrapped in yellow caution tape…ONLY.

I also found this gem today and had to share it.

It brought a soothing smile to my soul, for a number of reasons.

  1. This was totally me all through school.  I was horrible at any and all sports imaginable.
  2. Unlike me, these girls finished.  I’m not so sure I would have done the same.
  3. Parents, let this be a warning.  If your child is visibly not good at something, it’s time to gently steer them in a new direction.  Take this from a girl who has a handful of sports related emotional scars even though her parents never lied to her about her inability to perform at them well.
  4. I’m so incredibly glad to no longer be in high school.  Thank the Lord for that!

Your turn.  What fun things are you planning to make your January memorable?

7 thoughts on “January Joys

  1. reluctant mama says:

    January always seems to fly by for me. But now that I’m stuck at home with all the cold gray dead cold winter snow cold, I have a feeling this January will be a dragger. So I’m going to celebrate Em’s birthday! I don’t have any other good ideas, so I’m looking forward to hearing other people’s ideas.

  2. Coffeecake says:

    January is never the longest month for me. This is probably going to be startling, but I always feel that December is terribly long. I think it’s because I’m never entirely ready for Christmas until that paycheck on the 15th. Then, I need to finish getting ready for Christmas and find a way to make some of it last clear through until the 1st with all the holiday festivities and shopping between Christmas and New Year (which you have to do!). And, March. March is terribly long. Nevertheless, here are my fun January plans:

    1) Em’s birthday celebration!!!!
    2) Spending time with my daughters!!!!
    3) Women’s Retreat planning!!!!

  3. Katie says:

    Yeah…. My eye twitch has already started in pre-South Seas terror. Yikes. It’s such a great thing that Little Girl Huff will also have her father and his friends to watch her like a hawk at dances and school in general! 🙂 Oh the joys of knowing I’m having a daughter!

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