DIY Dessert Stand

I simply adore pretty cake stands!  These are the ones I’m currently pining after:

I have my own collection of both new and vintage cake stands, and choosing which one to display my latest creation is almost as much fun as the creation itself.  It changes everything about what sits atop it.  Placing a sparkling white cake on the amber cake stand above states vintage and classic.  Placed on the black stand states modern, contemporary, and fresh.

Last summer while visiting my sister in Colorado, we went to an open air market called The French Nest.  It was a lovely mix of artisan, vintage, collectibles and antiques, and oh so fun!  I found several new bits of inspiration and ideas for fun gifts!  My favorite was the idea of making your own dessert plates.

So simple! Find a 6-8 inch plate and a candlestick that you love and glue them together!  I used clear gorilla glue to bond them because it’s super strong.

I found this pretty green plate at a thrift store here in town for $1.00 and the candlestick is from World Market for $4.00.

This stylish plate came from an antique store and was a little bit more than I normally would spend for something like this.  But once I saw it, I had to have it.  It’s the most beautiful color of aqua blue, and it’s a permanent fixture on our bar.

These make such a thoughtful gift for someone who loves entertaining or baking!

For the love of pretty display…enjoy making these sweet gifts!

9 thoughts on “DIY Dessert Stand

  1. Sweet J says:

    I wonder if it would help to glue a smaller clear antique plate upside down to the bottom of the candlestick to add to the base so tipping wouldn’t be a problem. The clear base then wouldn’t interfere with the sleek profile.

    These are cool and people would buy these!

  2. Cole says:

    I love your site, but I think I gain 3 lbs. every time I peruse. I like the last one the best. But I’m like a dirty caveman stuck in a glass museum that was just cleaned. I’m outclassed and shouldn’t be trusted.

  3. Jon says:

    Cool ideas Annie! My wife would love some of the stuff on here. Very creative! We have a lot of various glass serving wear handed down from both grandmothers, so there’s definite potential.

  4. samantha gallagher says:

    Great post! I found some adorable plates recently, but the 3-tier dessert stand that went with the set was just too expensive (for what I wanted to spend). This is a great idea to build one just the way I want, on the cheap! 🙂

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