I have an obsession with glitter.  Anything that sparkles, really.  It just makes me feel ready for something big!  Even my sister has taught my clever nephew that when asked, “What does Nie Nie say?”, that the correct answer is “Sparkles!”

Like these, for instance…

Sparkly shoes are one thing, but add to that, the fact that they are TOMS, and that’s a whole new level of awesome!  I very badly want to sport these lovely kicks.

And this stunningly feminine dress…swoon!

Seriously so gorgeous!

And this fabulous satin head wrap!

Point made.

So you can imagine my excitement when I was asked to create a small wedding cake for the winter themed wedding of a young giddy couple in love.  I knew that given the opportunity I could go way overboard, so I tried my best to not be completely ridiculous.  And this was the result…

I found that lovely sparkly snowflake topper at Target during Christmas this year, and was instantly in love with it.  So elegant and beautiful!  What a pleasure to have been a part of such a stunning event!  Thanks to newlyweds, Clif & Michelle, and their unbelievably talented wedding designer, Angie!

Cake specifics:

2 stacks (one 8″, one 6″), 3 layers in each stack

White cake

Raspberry filling

Classic Buttercream frosting

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