A Love Story…Chapter 2

If you need to catch up, read chapter 1 of my love story here!

The Interested Guy, The Lazy Friend, and The Oblivious Girl

After we returned from our trip home, I quickly found out that my Colorado friend was a little lazy.  I could tell that he was still interested in pursuing a relationship with me, but his requests to spend time in my presence were fewer than I had anticipated.  We did, however, both immerse ourselves in our friendships, one of them being mutual…the guy.

My Colorado friend and the guy became good friends almost instantaneously when school started.  And once they had my friendship in common, it became only natural for all of us to start hanging out together.  And so we did.  Me, my Colorado friend, and the guy.  What I wasn’t aware of at the time was of a brief conversation that had occurred between my Colorado friend and the guy.  It went a little something like this:

My Colorado friend: “Are you interested in Annie?”

The guy: “Yes.  Why, are you?”

My Colorado friend: “Yeah, sort of.”

In typical guy fashion, these two had sorted out their feelings about me in under 2o words.  We were all about to part ways for Christmas break, and the only thing I had on my mind was the prospect of a new relationship. I was waiting for my Colorado friend to pick up the pace, while he was unbeknownst to me quietly backing off.  Meanwhile, despite the fact that she was dating someone else, the roommate had decided she may finally be interested in the guy.  Oblivious to the recent conversation between my Colorado friend and the guy, I really didn’t care.

Until I did.

I left for Christmas vacation more than ready for a break.  I missed my friends from home and was horribly homesick.  With the exception of my family and my closest friend, it didn’t take me long to realize that I hadn’t missed much.  What I had left behind in a desperate rush to move on was still there, and going nowhere.  I found myself missing life as it had been for the past four months.  Most surprising, and a little confusing, was my wish to be with the guy and how much it had intensified.  I found myself thinking about him more than I ever planned on, and soon enough I realized something had changed.  I wouldn’t know that something had changed for him as well for another 8 weeks.

Upon my return to Cali after Christmas break, I was in need of a last minute pick up from LAX.  With no one else I wanted to see more than the guy, I decided to see if he would be willing to drive the hour to the mousetrap that is LAX to bring me back to school.  I was smitten with his lack of hesitation to be the first to see me after a month apart.

It was at this moment that I became delightfully aware of one thing…my Colorado friend was out of the picture.

To be continued…

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