Sometimes Life is Funny

If you would have told me 15 years ago that I would be celebrating the upcoming birth of my childhood best friend’s baby girl, I wouldn’t have believed you.  But sometimes life is funny that way.  Sometimes you and the person you spend every waking moment with as a little girl end up finding new best friends and end up going in different directions. I’m so glad that regardless of new friendships, different colleges, different careers, and different states, sometimes friendships last.  And I’m so thankful that every once in awhile life brings you back into each others lives.

Laura and I met in Mrs. Anderson’s first grade class at Hagen Elementary in Sterling, Colorado.  Here’s some of the very things that I loved about Laura in 1987:

  • She had freckles.
  • Her family owned a feedlot but since I didn’t really understand what that was at the time, it just seemed like a big farm.
  • Her family took vacations and sometimes took me with them.
  • She got to listen to Madonna and Vanilla Ice, both of which I was forbidden to listen to.
  • She had a trampoline.
  • She had the same love for animals that I did (frogs, crickets, dogs, birds**)

We were the best of friends for several years.  In high school we migrated into new social circles, and then made our way to different colleges, several states away from each other.  Nearly ten years later Laura found herself moving to Portland, Oregon.  These are some of the very things I love about Laura in 2011:

  • She is extremely genuine.
  • She is completely unafraid to laugh at herself.
  • She’s tall but isn’t afraid to wear heels.
  • She has a really awesome husband.
  • She’s brilliantly talented and incredibly humble.

And now life is moving her thousands and thousands of miles away again.  Sometimes life is funny that way.

So when she asked me to make the cake for her baby shower before her big move, I felt blessed, lucky, and incredibly thankful that I was in a place, geographically, that it was possible.

She asked for a pregnant belly cake.  I had never seen one before, but I was smitten from the first picture I saw, and couldn’t wait to create one just for her.

It was a sweet day.  I got to catch up with her beautiful mama who I haven’t seen for almost a decade.

I was overwhelmingly excited to have been able to have lovely conversation with her wonderful sister-in-law who has become a close friend of mine over the past couple of years.  And I got to share in her joy as she celebrated her soon to be born baby girl.


**Laura, PLEASE tell me you remember the birds…you know, the ones we “saved” from the thunderstorm?

8 thoughts on “Sometimes Life is Funny

  1. Carla says:

    Oh Annie! It was sooo great to see you – finally! And, most importantly, to get a bite of one of your amazing creations! You are so talented and it showed with your pregnant belly cake!

  2. Coffeecake says:

    It NEVER ceases to amaze me the people from my past that God reintroduces into my life. I love that you Laura are still friends after all these years! You two were incredibly fun to have around in my life. When I think of you and Laura as little girls, I automatically think of taking you around town to pick up pop cans (makes me laugh even now) and then we’d go and sell them to the recycling center at the brewery. Then you’d split the $2 and some odd cents between you.

    LOVE the cake!!! LOVE this post!!! LOVE that after all these years I’m getting to buy a baby gift for Laura!

  3. Laura says:


    Miss Annie, what can I say. You are such a wonderful person that I feel so blessed to have met… man, I sure knew what I was doin back in ’87 😉 And I love your description of our journey together. No matter where life has taken us or the thousands of people we have met since then, we have always been able to connect and find our own place – a friendship that will be life long. I sure love you and that giant handsome husband of yours.

    Your cake was delish (duh), your cupcakes for my mom’s birthday were so unique and mouthwatering, but most of all your presence for that special day was what I will cherish most. Thank you for making the long drive – it wouldn’t have been the same without you.

    God & the universe is once again taking me to far away lands 🙂 but I have no doubt we will keep our tight bond. Now all you have to do is book a flight to see our nation’s capitol.

    ❤ Laura
    Oh, and of course I remember our night in the lightning and rain… we "saved" many birds that night. I'll never forget my mom's face when she walked into the garage and saw you and I snuggling little baby birds in old towels. She told us "by morning I bet they will have flown back home"…… RIGHT! I can just see her and my dad getting rid of them before we woke up :/ Darn, we were only trying to help!

  4. Wilma Carara says:

    Laura & Annie , thanks for being such great friends. I loved the cake. It did my heart good to see the cake, with you and Laura, and my daughter Kris. The GG again soon. Grandma Carara

  5. kris says:

    Yes, I too have a great big smile on my face reading this! It touches my heart. We had alot of fun when you were little girls and we’re still having fun! Now, we’re going to have a new little girl come into our lives. It’s so exciting!

    Annie, It was so fantastic to see you again and to meet Aaron. That cake was not only adorable, but it was the most delicious cake I’ve ever eaten!!!! And what an honor for us to have you make it for the baby shower. The Chai Tea cupcakes were also, so great! You helped to make the day very special….and then I had birthday cake!!!! So, it was a day of celebration with wonderful family and friends!

    And of course, Bill and I do remember that fateful day of the two of you saving the baby birds:)….. oh you two were soooo cute! Thankfully Bill “took the birds” away the next morning before “anyone” might have gotten upset. Luv ya, Kris

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