I love cowboys.  I love the idea of cowboys.

Maybe it’s my roots of growing up in Sterling, Colorado.

Sterling, Colorado

The multitude of ranches, cowboy wear, the permanent smell of cows, or the annual Cowboy Ball.  Maybe it started in first grade when I met my childhood best friend whose father owned a feedlot.  It’s possible that the fact that everyone dressed in cowboy hats and boots during the Logan County Fair, even if you didn’t don them for the rest of the year, encouraged my affinity for cowboys.  Regardless, I have some favorites that I wish I personally knew.

Brad Paisley

Val Kilmer as Doc Holliday

George W. Bush

Clint Eastwood...yes please!

I don’t possess any kind of cowboy/girl skills.  None whatsoever.  In fact, it would probably be safe to say that I would fail at those just as hard as I fail at most sports.  But I’m intrigued with the lifestyle of a real cowboy.  Even my poor nephew is destined to have a toy chest full of cowboy themed toys because of me.  This was what he got for his first birthday:

Pull-Along-Cowboy!  This cool wooden cowboy pull toy kicks up his heels as the horse’s wheels turn.  Brilliant!

You can imagine my excitement when my dear friend, Emy, asked me to make a western themed birthday cake for her 10 year old daughter’s birthday party.  Boy howdy and giddyup!  I was all over it.

Cute!  Thanks, Emy, for letting me be a part of your sweet girl’s birthday!

Cake specifics:


Filling–pink buttercream

Frosting–pink and white buttercream

Rope/Fringe/Bow–marshmallow fondant


5 thoughts on “Giddyup!

  1. Coffeecake says:

    Awesome! Brilliant…yes.

    Montana, where I grew up until I was 15 is FILLED with cowboys. If you lived there, you were almost certain to marry one. Colorado has a few less. What’s funny is that here in Midland, Texas, where you’d think cowboys would fill the streets, you don’t see too many. Mostly business men.

    Great post!

  2. linda batty says:

    Kerry, I loved this. Since attending Cowboy Up and Andrea’s Bible studies, I suddenly am surrounded by cowboys and cowgirls–real ones! I have 2 pair of cowboy boots and some Western clothes. And, like many, many little girls, I wanted a horse when I was little. But I definitely am conflicted. Real horses take lots of care and are expensive. And riding looks easy, but it isn’t, it takes skill & practice and it can be dangerous, and all I have ever ridden are “rental” horses and for no longer than a couple hours. (And riding about an hour last summer with my granddaughter left me sort of limping – with sore knees. Your legs are bent kind of funny in the saddle!) So I am with you I think–I like the handsome cowboys, the daring adventure stories and the clothes, but I guess that is more the idea of cowboyhood.

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