Why Jesus Gave Us Fashion Blogs

Today I am migrating over to my friend Bo’s blog to share why I think Jesus gave us fashion blogs!  I’ve known Bo for about eight years as a co-worker, a parent of one of our youth group students, and as a friend.  She’s one of the most passionate people I know, and an excellent speaker and writer.  She blogs about her life, Jesus, things she loves, and her wonderful family.

Here’s a little of what I share…

I seriously wish that I came by great fashion choices naturally.  I envy those that can walk into a clothing store and see a certain piece not just for what it is relaxing on the hangar, but for all of the potential it possesses.  Thankfully those that have an eye for great fashion have been around for ages, to lend those of us that love it an extremely helpful hand.  From Audrey Hepburn’s simple ballet flats and pearls, to Marilyn Monroe’s ballerina style gowns, Jackie O’s oversized sunglasses, to Brigitte Bardot’s 60s chic, and more recently, Sarah Jessica Parker’s Manalos…fashion icons have guided us in our design choices for years.

Head on over to check out the rest, and get excited for the cold weather to fade and spring fashion to appear!


3 thoughts on “Why Jesus Gave Us Fashion Blogs

  1. A'Leah says:

    That was fun to read! And how cool that you are featured on other people’s blogs! Want to be featured on my blog someday? I just started it about a week ago. 😉 Let me get more than 13 followers 1st. ha

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