Guest Post at A Brilliant Melody

Today I’ve wandered over to A Brilliant Melody to share about some lemons that unexpectedly brought me hope!

I’ve been following Breeanna’s blog for the past several months and am always so inspired by her unique vintage finds.  She blogs about photography, music, DIY projects, and her super lucky thrift store finds (I’m secretly jealous!).

She’s a part of what I call my “blog community” that consists of people I would love to meet in person someday, but instead follow along with them through their writing.  Head on over and take a look around.  I’m sure you’ll be just as inspired!

On another note, here are two things that I am so looking forward to.

  • How 30 Rock is going to work Tina Fey’s pregnancy into the season!  My money is on Carol.
  • This great future TV moment

How about you?  Anything you just can’t wait for?

3 thoughts on “Guest Post at A Brilliant Melody

  1. Sarah Swan says:

    Both of those TV items are on my “waiting for” list. Also spring and summer. Also visits from my family. Also baked goods from you sometime, because they do tend to show up every now and again.

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