Link it up!

Have you ever had a memory that you so desperately want to forget, but are so afraid of losing it that you find yourself desperately hanging onto it?  You remember the clothing you were wearing, the smells, the song that was playing, the little details that seem incredibly insignificant compared to the memory itself.  Maybe as a way of coping your mind captures those details so vividly so you can’t forget, knowing that if you did it would be like losing a small part of who you are and what that memory has caused you to become.

Today I found myself so eager to make some new memories.  The kind that don’t replace the hard ones, but often shadow them enough that joy abounds.  And what better time to make new memories?!  It’s the middle of summer and we’re getting the heck out of town to visit old friends, spend a week with family, eat good food, not think about work, celebrate the upcoming birth of who’s sure to be the sweetest niece ever, and find some sunshine and warmth.  That’s right, we’re road tripping to Colorado!  By the time most of you read this we will be driving the 900 some miles to Colorado, via the Oasis Cafe in Juntura, OR…first stop, Grand Junction!  We will be seeing our good friend, Bart, and my dearest high school friend, Ceri!

I’ll be posting while we’re gone, sharing with you the highlights of what is sure to be a trip packed to the brim with new memories!  Since I’ll be preoccupied with playing the alphabet game for most of today, just for fun let’s do a little linkity link!  If you are a blogger, take this opportunity to link to your favorite blog post you’ve written in the last few months!  If you aren’t a blogger yourself, but have read something in the past few months that you loved so much you can’t get it out of your head, link it up!  Be sure to give a few others some love and check out their blog posts!

I’ll start…

This little diddy is short, but one of my all-time favorites!

3 thoughts on “Link it up!

  1. Kaja says:

    Sarah that coffee recipe looks WONDERFUL! I must try this one 🙂

    Annie I really enjoy reading your posts; you create such beautiful art in the kitchen… I loved the toasted banana bread!

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