Bend to Ft. Collins in 3 days!

We’ve spent the last three days making our way to my sister and brother-in-law’s lovely home in Ft. Collins, Colorado.  We started out early Friday morning with this place in our sights…

The Oasis Cafe  of Juntura, Oregon.  I adore this place.  Aaron and I partake in the delicious diner food any time we head east.

You get to eat in the company of some of the 160 people that populate the barely there town, while admiring the proudly placed animal pelts on the walls.

As an added bonus, they have a Schrader Fireplace, paying homage to Aaron’s family who made these pieces of art!

We fueled up on eggs, bacon, ketchup covered hashbrowns, cinnamon raisin french toast, and coffee and let this little guy out to stretch his legs…

Sometime after lunch I took over the wheel so Aaron could have a rest, and proudly made it through Salt Lake City traffic without having an anxiety attack, only to be surprised with this piece of heaven on the other side!

We pulled into Grand Junction around 11:15pm and headed straight to the home of our good friend Bart.  We love him dearly.  He grew up with Aaron, was in our wedding, and is one of the cooler people we know.  We were so excited to visit him  at HIS home for a change instead of back in Bend where he comes home to visit.

Day two in Grand Junction held a mountain bike ride for the boys, and an entire day of fun and catching up with my dearest friend from high school, Ceri!

She looks the same as she did 12 years ago when I last saw her!  Here’s what I love so much about her…it’s been a long time since we last saw each other, and spending time with her felt like we picked right up where we left off.  It’s was easy, fun, full of joy, and definitely not long enough!  I’m so incredibly thankful that after so many years, I can still call her my friend. ♥

Day 3 took us from Grand Junction to Ft. Collins in 7 very long hours.  We took a scenic bypass route that was so worth it.  It was absolutely gorgeous, and allowed me to see parts of Colorado that I never got to see in my 18 years growing up here.

"Coke" ovens near the coal mines in Redstone

We hit some ridiculous traffic about three hours from our destination, causing our drive to become even longer than we had anticipated, but all in all, this car was a champ!

Smooth ride, comfortable, and 30mpg nearly all the way!  We rolled into town just in time for dinner with family that we love.  Can’t wait for an entire week of hugs from my nephew!

5 thoughts on “Bend to Ft. Collins in 3 days!

  1. Chrissie Mee says:

    always fun to read. Great pics of Colorado… what was the scenic bypass…we are always interested in seeing a different area

  2. Sarah Swan says:

    That scenic bypass looked super gorgeous. Of course I’ve never been there either! I should change that…

    And that little boy sure was excited to see you guys! Me too 🙂

  3. Laura says:

    Annie you are so darling! I love your hair – beautiful! The trip looked like so much fun. Steve was super jealous of your In N Out pic….SUPER jealous.

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