Story books, new cars, Taco John’s, and cowboy hats!

I love being at my sister’s home.  It’s comforting, peaceful, and welcoming.  We woke up this morning with a vague plan for the day…something the VanDusen girls are really good at.  We love making a good plan!  But life certainly doesn’t stop when those plans are disrupted like they were today.  Our disrupted plans turned into a sweet day with fun surprises.

It started with this little boy begging for Uncle Aaron to read him some stories.  And that’s exactly what he did.

This kid loves to read!

While the boys took off to Platteville to look at a new car for the Swan’s ever expanding family, I tagged along to Sarah’s doctor’s appointment where I heard the heartbeat of my newest niece, Scout!  Sweetest sound ever!  Emery and I worked up an appetite playing in the doctor’s office, and Sarah…well, she’s pregnant, so she’s always hungry, so we headed over to Taco John’s.  Am I ashamed that I still love the taste of Taco John’s at 30 years old?  Does it matter that it brings back not so fond memories of my short time working there in high school?  The answer to both of these questions is NO.  I heart Taco John’s. ♥

Our day ended a little something like this…

The Swan’s got a new car, we went for a cruise in it, we grilled hamburgers, had french fries, and made coffee bean milkshakes for dinner, and Emery wore his cowboy hat.  Because he wanted to.  And that’s how he rolls.

Loving Colorado!

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