Bringing in the reinforcements!

This evening I have the most lovely honor of hosting a shower to celebrate the upcoming birth of my dear niece, Scout!  I have been planning this celebration since before I knew she would be a “she”!  We’re celebrating picnic style and I’m super excited for it!  Knowing that this celebration needed to be top of the line, I called in the reinforcements!

My best friend from Oregon flew all the way out here to help me with the festivities!  I’ve spoken of Shauna’s ability to throw a party before, but honestly she is excellent at this kind of thing.  She has fabulous ideas, a great eye for design and decor, and when I try to convey some silly idea I have, she knows exactly what I’m talking about before I even get it all out.  She’s amazing.  She flew in yesterday afternoon and spent the rest of the evening with my sister and I icing sugar cookies, making tissue pom poms, tying loads of bows, and chopping vegetables.

We did take a break this evening after dinner to walk around downtown and enjoy an iced coffee.  Shauna, Sarah and I enjoyed each others company while this little guy wouldn’t leave his Uncle Aaron’s side.

Life doesn’t get much better than this. ♥

Mom and dad…we miss you.

4 thoughts on “Bringing in the reinforcements!

  1. Sarah Swan says:

    I loved that that they were both in their camo shorts!! And their relationship is really sweet these days. I’m LOVING LOVING LOVING having you guys here. I don’t want it to end! (What else is new?)

  2. gail says:

    Too cute Uncle Aaron.. and oh the streets of Ft. Collins…. they look alittle familiar…what a Great sister and friend you are !!Have fun..

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