When it rains, have a picnic!

Sometimes when you plan a picnic, it rains.

Last night I hosted a baby shower for my adorable sister.  I planned the cutest picnic ever to be had.  This is Shauna hanging pretty white pom poms from the crab apple tree out back from my sister’s place.

And just about when we had them all hung, the impending doom that had been threatening us all day settled upon us, and it poured down puddles of rain.  I spent about 10 minutes feeling irritated and frustrated that my plans of a summer picnic were not going to happen quite like I had hoped.  And then since I am learning to be more adaptable and to deal with whatever drifts my way, I got over it and planned a picnic indoors. Thirty years old, and I’m still working on that lesson!

So we moved it all indoors, and this is what resulted.

The good news about a rained out picnic is that you still get to eat picnic food!  Chicken salad sandwiches, potato chips, strawberries and fruit dip, and lemonade sipped from red and white striped straws!  The most important thing I learned through all of this crazy party planning…sometimes the best laid plans don’t work out, but the sweetness rests in who you’re celebrating.  And that made this one pretty darn sweet.  ♥  I can’t wait to meet little Scout-a-roo!

2 thoughts on “When it rains, have a picnic!

  1. Diane says:

    cute party! It looks like a wonderful time. I love the banner and big pom poms. And of course all of the baked goodness. Always!!

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