A Hometown Tour

With the baby shower planning behind us, we knew we needed to do something yesterday that was relaxing.  So we went to Sterling.  And by that I mean I have a dear friend there that makes going back to my hometown so incredibly worth it.

Carla and I didn’t even grow up there together.  We went to the same elementary school together for a few of our very early years, but don’t remember each other at all.  Years later we were introduced by my mom, who got to spend way more time with Carla than I ever have.  Jealous.  Since then she married my childhood best friend’s brother, and we’ve developed a sweet friendship that I am so ridiculously thankful for.  We spent part of the morning catching up over coffee, and the rest of the morning digging through the junk/treasures at my favorite antique store!

While we were sifting through all of the salt & pepper shakers, commemorative plates, pretty dishes, and old jewelry, I heard the voice of my sweet friend Robyn who I hold a ton of memories with in that town!  What a lovely surprise!  The bonus to this whole little excursion was that both of these cherished friends of mine got to meet one of my dearest friends from Oregon!

Never in a million years would I have ever imagined that Shauna would have seen my childhood home, where I cheered for the Sterling High football games, where I worked my first job at the donut shop, where I popped the clutch on my car while my dad was teaching me to drive a stick, where I spent summers enjoying the summer reading program at the library, where I went to the drive-in for a date and fell asleep for the entire movie, or where my friends and I drove around on Friday nights hoping to find something to do in a town where there was nothing to do.

And I would have never believed you if you said she would be enjoying the goodness that is Baja Tacos with me on a summer Thursday afternoon.  This is us over-the-top excited about the lunch we are about to consume!

Aaron, not so much…

It’s a known fact that you really need to be from Sterling to appreciate this little hole in the wall, so I’ll forgive him for his lack of enthusiasm.  This time.

By early afternoon we were piled back in the car and headed back to Ft. Collins to enjoy our last few hours with Shauna before she got on the plane back to Oregon.  I was so sad to see her go!  Good thing I get to see her in just a little over a week!

We are about to spend our last day here in Ft. Collins with family and I’m prepared to get as many snuggles, hugs, laughs, and hand holds in that I can!

2 thoughts on “A Hometown Tour

  1. Gail says:

    Well , Annie I have to say that I hold alittle of the excitement back to for the town of Sterling too… I only know it as the place where my son in law grew up and my daughter was married in very pretty church and a great reception at the Elks club… so I have to kind of agree with Aaron… enjoy your day with your precious family..

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