The Long Drive Home

We’re home!

That actually looks like I’m saying it with more enthusiasm than I actually have.  Not that I’m not happy to be home…but I certainly wasn’t happy to leave this little face…

Or this one for that matter…

Our last day was spent walking around downtown, playing in the water with Emery, a picnic in the park,

and these seriously delicious cobb salads that Sarah made!

I want to be like her. ♥

Saturday morning we headed out at 5:00am, spent 16 long hours on the road home, and made it back to Bend before 10:00pm.  It was such a fun time with friends, family, and lots of relaxation.  If you’re wondering if I made any new memories, the answer would be a resounding YES!  Thank the Lord.

On another note, my favorite pair of jeans is still hanging out in Grand Junction…without me.  I really want them back.


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