Blueberry pancakes, gossip magazines, and BIG laughs!

Friendships top my list as one of the sweetest gifts God gives us.  Taking the time to reach really high and really wide, gathering bits of life, to step back and realize that your friendship launched itself to an entirely new level with what feels like no effort at all.  Those are the best kind of friends.

The kind that open up the gate at the lake when they hear your car door shut, and make you feel like the weekend really couldn’t start until you arrived.

The kind that so lovingly ask you the really hard questions after a really hard season…especially when you don’t want to be asked because it hurts.

The kind that talk you out of ridiculously stupid thoughts and ideas based on your own stubbornness.

The ones you enjoy so much that when 2:00am rolls around, you still don’t want to go to bed.

The kind you talk with about things you wouldn’t dream of talking to anyone else about, but once you do the laughing and tears are like a flood of joy that seeps into your soul so slowly and surely.

The kind that make you forgo sound reasoning about what time to leave on a Sunday night in order to get back to town at a decent hour, knowing full well just how difficult Monday is going to be.

So when you find those sort of friendships, here’s what you do…

You “oooh” and “aahh” over the sweet new baby and her cute little face.

You sit in big circles and laugh while you catch up on each others last few weeks.

You share ideas, thoughts, and stories over blueberry pancakes and strong coffee.

You flip through the latest gossip magazines while laying in the sun.

You talk about brothers, sisters, parents and children over perfectly grilled steak, baked potatoes, summer cucumbers, fresh ears of corn, and hot out of the oven bread.

You hope and pray and wish for the clouds to pass quick and the sun to show its rays, and then when it does, you ride wakeboards, stand up paddle boards, and go on late afternoon boat cruises.

You watch as the boys build the perfect fire each night.

You rejoice and smile and give big hugs to the one that joins us late due to an overly busy work schedule, and then once he does, you finally feel like things are complete.

You collect laughs and tears over Twinkie cake, sour gummy worms, peanut M&M’s, and watermelon.

You share tips and styles that will propel some of us over the hump, and will challenge some of us to slow down. 😉

You experience moments of quiet and waves of chatter.

And you take it all in with the hope that it will somehow tide us all over until the next time we see each other.

Yes, those are the kinds of friends you want.  The ones you want to live life with, knowing that you don’t deserve such sweetness, but God is so happy to bless you with it.


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