Caffeine in a cupcake!

Autumn. It’s one of the busiest seasons of the year for many. Fitting in the last long weekend before schedule becomes a necessity. Frantically shopping for supplies and new clothes. Starting fall sports practices. Orientations, meetings, paperwork, fees, assemblies, and schedule changes. The start of a new school year is full of hustle, and Aaron and I are right smack dab in the middle of it. 🙂

Aaron is starting his first year as activities director at Mt. View High School, alongside his teaching schedule. He’ll be heading up all dances, student leadership, assemblies, spirit week, bonfires, clubs…basically all of the things that make high school fun! This year’s group of leadership kids is going to be so contagiously fun to be around! The job title comes with one of the busiest schedules on staff, having to be present at nearly everything the school puts on.

And while my cheer schedule technically started way back in July and has been going strong since then, things really ramp up right about now. With their first day of school assembly just days away, I have a group of 15 teenage girls that are bound and determined to pull off a perfect performance, which means practices are a plenty. Once school actually starts things go from busy to crazy, and we love (nearly) every minute of it!

This school year is going to be the definition of hustle! Which is exactly why for the back to school BBQ for the staff last week I baked these delightful cakes…

These mocha cupcakes pack more of a caffeine punch than any other dessert I know. For that matter, they may possess more caffeine than a shot of espresso. Glory be. ♥ We are going to need it this year!

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