Dear 15-year-old Me…

I was introduced to this site this week, and found myself so captured by it that I couldn’t stop reading.  So much advice and life and stories told.  I loved it so much, I created my own!   Here goes…

Dear 15-year-old Annie Sue,

  • Don’t write off your math classes with the assumption that you’ll never use the knowledge you could gain from them.
  • Drink more water.
  • Soak in all the time you possibly can with your sister.  In about three years you will perpetually live over a thousand miles away from her, and wish that you could see her whenever the heck you wanted.  And don’t be mad at her when she tells your mom to not let you go on a date with Andy.  You will thank her later for saving you from your own naivety.
  • A few boys are going to make you cry.  One of them will break your heart so badly you’ll think you won’t recover.  It’s okay to let that happen because those trials and sorrows teach you how to be strong and move forward.
  • When Alan asks you to his prom…say yes.
  • Don’t be afraid to move to California when you turn 18.  This will be one of the first great decisions you make as an adult.
  • Your world will shake more than it ever has before when two people that had a huge amount of influence on your life decide to divorce.  Don’t be too proud to accept counsel from those that offer it.
  • Don’t let frustrations and misunderstandings keep you from having your best friend stand beside you on your wedding day.  You will sorely regret it.
  • Take more chances.
  • When heartache befalls you it’s okay to be angry at Jesus, but ultimately trust Him, or you may not make it through in one piece.
  • When they re-release The Exorcist in theaters…don’t go see it.
  • Skip right on by the overalls fad, and make sure your mom and sister come with you.  The only people wearing overalls should be cute one-year-olds with padded diaper butts, and farmers that reside in Iowa.
  • And lastly, cut your parents some slack the few times they will tell you no in life.  They love you enough to tell you this no matter how mad it makes you at the time.


Me (15 years later)

14 thoughts on “Dear 15-year-old Me…

  1. Sweet J says:

    If you cut your parents some slack they’ll have nothing to gloat about later in life. Don’t deny them this bit of payback.

    Is Alan that kid with no neck? If so, then no was still the right choice.

  2. sweetannieskitchens says:

    Haha! No neck?! I didn’t date anyone without a neck! Sarah did though. 🙂 But yes, I think you’re thinking of the right boy, and he was very, very nice. One of the better boys I chose to spend time with. 🙂

  3. Jeannie says:

    Absolutely true, Annie. It just proves, once again, that relationships with each other and with Christ are what matters. Let nothing come between those relationships. Oh, and those of us who are rule- followers should take a few more chances. 🙂

  4. marilyn Soucie says:

    What hot hippies :)! You two have lots of memories to share and laugh outrageoulsy about, that will cover the fustrations and misunderstandings! It is great you are doing this while you are young..and remembering! You make me laugh on days when that is exactly what I need 🙂 It was great to get to see you shoppers this never know what people treasures you will find in the variety (nice word) store!

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