Nothing says love like a monogrammed sugar cookie

After an entire summer of very little baking being done, a wedding featuring 500 individual desserts was probably not the most seamless way to ease back into it.  However, my dear husband was extremely patient with me, and I am ever so grateful that with each crisis averted, he only got better at hiding his amazement of my clumsiness.  This past weekend I spent two days baking sweet treats for Travis & Jenine’s special day.  This couple has a quirky and fun obsession with Scrabble, and incorporated the delightful game into little bits of their big day.

Heavenly chocolate cheesecake bites, topped with ganache…

Red velvet deliciousness with cream cheese frosting…

Whimsical pumpkin whoopie pies filled with  marshmallow cream…

Adorable sugar cookies made to look like scrabble pieces (“L” for their last name)!

36 hours, 3 full dishwasher loads, 500 pieces of dessert, and 1 flat out fall off of the curb outside of my house later…and I delivered these treats to the wedding site with time to spare.  Nothing says love quite like a monogrammed sugar cookie. ♥  Congratulations Travis and Jenine!

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