A book sale, applesauce, and friends who play music

I’m so happy to say that Fall arrived in Bend, Oregon this weekend, thankfully just in time for the Fall Festival.  It was just the right mix of blustery and overcast that went perfectly with caramel apple cider and time with good friends.

Our weekend started off with the fastest high school football game ever.  It totally made up for last week’s, which was the longest high school football game in the history of high school football games.  So thankful that our weather hasn’t turned quite yet and most of these games have been spent in comfort with nothing more than a light jacket.  However, I do believe this may have been our last!

Saturday morning brought coffee with dear friends and their new little one, and a little bit of this…

Aaron and I have been going to the Friends of the Library book sales for years.  They put on four every year, and we look forward to each and every one.  We are members so we get in an hour earlier than the rest of the public, giving us the advantage in getting the best books available.  We are by far the youngest people in line as we map out our strategy of what section to hit first.  I love children’s books, so I always head there first.  I got the most delightful stack of children’s stories to add to my collection!  Best part about this stack?  That little book sandwiched in there titled “Garbage Can Cat”.  I’ve never seen this children’s book before, but I’m so happy to have found it, because it is as wonderful as it sounds.

The entirety of Saturday was spent turning 40 pounds of Gravenstein apples into delicious applesauce.  It made my house smell so lovely, and now we’re stocked for the next year so that we can enjoy Fall apples all year long.

We finished off our weekend with a little bit of this…

These guys played at the Fall Festival downtown this year, and it was a joy to spend Sunday afternoon standing around with friends, while listening to them.  We are completely blessed to call them our good friends.

Fall is here friends!


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