2011, you can keep these!

There were many things to love about 2011.  If you haven’t read about my favorites of 2011 yet, you can here.  But as with any year, there were a few things I’m hoping do not cross over into 2012.  And here they are!

5. Planking, Owling, or any other act similar to this that makes you look like a complete idiot.

4. These ridiculous articles of clothing called bandage skirts.  Are you kidding me?

When I started seeing these on girls around the high school my instinct was to run to them and cover them up thinking they must have forgotten to wear clothing that actually covered areas that desperately needed to be covered.  But no.  They were just the latest trend of 2011 that I would love to see disappear in 2012.  I’m hoping this doesn’t make me old…just a product of a dad that cared about how I presented myself when I was young, and much to my irritation, sent me back to my room to change a few times growing up.

3.  Hair feathers.  I’ll admit that I really tried to like this when it first became popular.  But try as I may, I just couldn’t get on board.  I’d be okay to never see these in someone’s hair again…unless of course, they have the role of Pochohontas in the elementary school play.

2. Charlie Sheen’s craziness.  “Tigerblood”, “winning”, and comments that are so confusing they make your eyes cross.  Can we all promise to not give his craziness the time of day in 2012?

1.  Lady Gaga.  She managed to work her way into every holiday special on tv in 2011, therefore ruining every one of them.  If she spent half as much time on her music as she does on making sure the entire world sees her in her obnoxious costume garb, she may pump out some lyrics that have a little more meaning than “stop telephonin’ me.”  Sorry Gaga, but 2011 can keep you.

On another note, two very exciting things happened in the Schrader household this past week.  I felt baby move for the first time about five days ago!  Not a day has gone by since then where I haven’t felt that button flipping around. ♥  And two days ago we found out we are having a girl! Joy.


6 thoughts on “2011, you can keep these!

  1. A'Leah says:

    Yay to the last part. And fully agree with the things that need to stay in 2011. However, my one stated disagreeable would be Lady Gaga’s appearance as a Christmas tree in the SNL skit with Michael Buble-hilarious & well fitting.

  2. Tyler Zey says:

    If Charlie Sheen comes back from the grave I’m going to die a little in side. Those “bandage skirts” are pretty ridiculous looking now that you mention it.

    Hopefully the government doesn’t have another crisis like we experienced with that whole debt ordeal this summer. I wouldn’t make promises though…

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