I Sort of Like This Guy

Time moves fast.

With days that are broken up into three hour baby feeding increments, the days seem to disappear with a simple blink.  Some days I literally feel like I see Ivy grow right before my eyes.

Aaron has had the whole summer off from teaching, so I’m absolutely the most spoiled new mother out there.  We have become accustomed to long mornings sipping coffee on the back deck, and lots of “what do you want to do today?”  Sweet little Ivy has been such a good baby, and such a joy to be around.  So while all of the parenting books tell us how tired and exhausted and irritable we should be as we adjust to being new parents, we have found ourselves happy, thankful, content, and blessed. ♥

I know that there will be an end to summer.  And I know that Aaron will have to head back to work and once again be consumed with a very busy schedule.  But some days it hits me harder than others.  And I realize that I’m no longer the only girl that’s going to miss this guy.


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