December Photo Challenge

It’s Monday.  And normally I don’t appreciate Mondays and the fact that it means Aaron is back at work, and life goes from relaxation to schedules and appointments.  However, here’s a few things that are exceptionally great about this particular Monday.

  • Topanga is in town!  Whaaaaaattt?!  That’s right.  Boy Meets World’s very own Topanga has graced Bend with her presence, and I really want to see her.  Katie Scott, you’re with me, right?  Let’s find her and squeal and be giddy about it!
  • Princess Kate is pregnant!  Yay!  I mean, another prince or princess is going to be born.  It’s not every day that happens!
  • I made baked maple bars this morning, and my house smells like a donut shop (post coming soon).
  • It’s December!  And that brings all sorts of merry and bright things.

I found this lovely little December Photo Challenge on Pinterest last month, and decided in my effort to document more intentionally, I would jump in and take this challenge on!

christmas photo challenge

December 1: Lights!


Look at that little bug!  She adores these Christmas lights!  Honestly they could have kept her busy for hours if it wasn’t slightly dangerous to put little glass bulbs in your mouth.  So, so much fun!

December 2: Decorations!


I love decorating for Christmas.  It’s one of my very favorite things to do.  I hope that I never tire of it.  These are photos of my lovely mantle!  O Holy Night is one of my favorite Christmas songs, so I decided to make it a part of my Christmas decor this year.

“A thrill of hope, the weary world rejoices,

For yonder breaks, a new and glorious morn!”

With lyrics like that, how can you not nearly weep with joy at the hope He promises!

December 3:  Gifts!


This is the current state of Christmas gifts in my household right now.  Ha!  I have not wrapped a single one!  In fact, most of these are from Gigi and G-Daddy, and Ivy’s great-grandma Millie. 🙂  Aaron and I decided to adopt the 4-gift rule for Ivy and any future little ones.

  • Something you want
  • Something you need
  • Something to wear
  • Something to read

It simplifies things a little, and really helps us to be more intentional about what we are purchasing instead of going crazy!  We are almost done shopping for little Ivy!

This photo challenge is going to be fun. 🙂  I’m already loving it!  Happy Monday everyone!


2 thoughts on “December Photo Challenge

  1. Care MacMurchy says:

    Annie the Maple Bar Maker ~ I am stealing the 4-gift rule for my son and DIL. Such a great idea.
    Also I’m with you on “Oh Holy Night.” “Fall on your knees, O hear the angel voices, O night divine, when Christ was born” are some of the most glorious lyrics ever composed.
    And the snowflakes. Fabulous! If we can’t get a whiff of the donut shop, the snowflakes are a nice visual. Thanx Annie.

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