December Photo Challenge–Day 4

It being two weeks into the lovely month of December already, I’m well aware that I am ridiculously behind in this fun little photo challenge.  I’m only on Day 4!!

The Schrader home has been actively trying to fight off a nasty bug for the past week, which means I spent most of my days inside the house with a sad, less than energetic little girl.  But we are finally on the upswing and trying to get all caught up on all the fun Christmas festivities that we missed!

Day 4–Tradition

sugar cookies cookie toppings

Decorating these Christmas sugar cookies is one of the longest standing traditions in my family that I know of.  This cookie recipe was my grandma’s.  My mom made these every year with my sister and I sitting patiently impatiently by waiting to frost, decorate, and make them our own!  After I stopped coming home each year for Christmas, I kept up the tradition and made them for Aaron each year. ♥

This year Aaron and I hosted a little Christmas gathering for our friends.  We decorated these sweet Christmas cookies, watched a Christmas movie and took in all of this season’s merriment that we could.

I can’t wait until Ivy is old enough to help me bake these and then earnestly wait for them to cool so she can frost, decorate, and then enjoy her own.  This is one of my favorite family Christmas traditions that I don’t anticipate ending any time soon.

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