December Photo Challenge-Stockings & Snow

Does anyone else feel like this Christmas season is flying by?  Good grief!  With this most recent snow here in Bend, it’s at least starting to look like the Christmas season!  I’m still hard at work trying to complete this photo challenge.  I have to admit that some of them have been a little difficult to think of creative ways to document just one single word, but it’s been fun.

Day 5–Stockings

photo 3

This is Ivy’s stocking. It’s new.  And it’s pretty.  And it’s perfect for her.  Hanging out of this pretty white stocking is her sweet new Ivy doll that I made for her.  I found the idea here and used this pattern.  Aaron hung this stocking last week and while he was at it he put in enough hooks for our future kids. ♥ Sweet.

Day 6–Snow


This picture isn’t as much about the snow as it is the snowsuit.  It cracks me up!  My grandma sent this for Ivy before she was born and it is totally stylin!  The picture doesn’t truly do it justice. The buttons are big sparkly jewels, and across the chest is written in silver sparkly thread, “Roca Wear” which is definitely a clothing line founded by Jay-Z.  Ahahaha!  So funny!  But it totally lives up to its purpose.  It kept this little girl warm and happy as she experienced the snow for the first time.

Christmas is near, and I don’t know about anyone else, but it just seems sweeter this year.  ♥

Hoping for a white Christmas.

2 thoughts on “December Photo Challenge-Stockings & Snow

  1. Mom says:

    1. future children…
    2. the snow suit from grandma m
    3. the gold boots
    That’s what I love about this.
    P.S. You MUST sent that picture to your grandmother (or send it to me and I will send it)

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