Dear Tiffany

**Hello blog friends!  I had such huge intentions of writing so many more letters in the month of June, but some health issues got in my way.  I’ll be sharing a little more about that later, but for now, here is one last letter to one of my favorites!  Thanks for hanging in there with me!**

Dear Tiffany,

I thought this letter would be one of my easiest to write, but it turns out when you have so many things to say, it often is difficult to know how to say them.

You are my person.


You are the one I love to laugh with, the one I love to sit and do nothing with, and the one I feel comfortable sharing my frustrations, worries, and vulnerabilities with.

You are the one that encourages me, makes me laugh at myself, and makes me feel like a normal mama on my most impatient days.

You inspire me in how you raise your littles.  You are patient, creative, and full of life with them!

I love spending lazy, long mornings talking over hot coffee piled high with whipped cream.  I love dreaming and creating with you.

I’ve been indebted with gratitude when you have cried with me during some of my most difficult days, and I have been blessed beyond measure to laugh so hard with you that it hurts.  I thank Jesus often for the gift He gave me in your friendship.

Here’s to many more years of laughs, stories, and cups of coffee!



Dear Elisa

Dear Elisa,

Life may be busy and hectic and chaotic at times, not allowing us to spend as much time as we would like with each other.  However one thing is certain…you are one of my favorites, and here are just a few of the reasons why.

1. You are two months older than me.  This means each year as our birthdays approach I feel like you soften the blow just a little.  And as the number gets higher, that blow needs to be softened just a little bit more.  Here’s to 33!

2. We get to raise our daughters together!  What a true blessing!  To have someone that not only parents similar to myself, but has the same values that are being taught to her children is a gift.  I hope our daughters are the best of friends as they grow up and choose to encourage and love each other the way we do.

3. You are careful with your words.  I so admire this about you.  The words that you speak are the ones I wish I spoke two weeks ago, before I said something I wish I hadn’t.  You are careful and you choose them wisely…something I work towards daily.

4. You are what I like to refer to as “quiet hilarious”.  You don’t strive to be the center of attention, so when you sneak up with some of the funniest things I’ve ever heard, people are always a little surprised, including me.

5. You are brave.  I know that you don’t always feel like it, but the way in which you have conducted yourself throughout your diagnosis is admirable.  You have faced each test result, surgery, and treatment with grace and determination.  Four months ago we claimed Hebrews 6:19 as our own, “We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure.”  I am so thankful to be one of your anchors, and even more thankful that you are one of mine.

You are kind, thoughtful, considerate, my canning buddy, and the one I can always count on to bring more than a half eaten bag of chips or a 2-liter of soda to one of our get togethers.  Thank you for being my friend!



That's my sweet friend Elisa on the left, radiant as always!

That’s my sweet friend Elisa on the left, radiant as always!

*If you haven’t read about the letter writing challenge I’m doing for the month of June, you can here!  I hope you join me and find some time to write some encouraging words to the people you love in more than a quick email, or a short text.

Dear Sister

Dear Sister,

Growing up with me was I’m sure no picnic.  I was the quintessential annoying little sister.  But not a day goes by that I’m not over the top thankful to Jesus that He chose you to be my big sister, and that you love me. 🙂

Annie and Sarah

Look at what a brat I was in that picture!  So mad that you got to ride a bicycle.  How dare you leave me behind!  We bickered a lot growing up, and the piece of tape we placed down the middle of our room didn’t really seem to help.  I even seem to remember a slapping fight that we got into over what radio station to listen to on the way to school.  But that’s normal sibling rivalry, right?


That aside, I remember the day I felt everything changed.  I was a quiet, shy freshman in high school and for some ridiculous reason I thought trying out for the cheerleading team was a good idea.  Since you were a senior, it was not uncommon to go through a typical day at school without really seeing each other.  But that day you made a point to find me in the hallways twice to make sure I wasn’t riddled with anxiety…which of course I was.  You encouraged me and acknowledged me, and that meant everything to me.  When I came home that night as a new member of the Sterling High School Varsity Cheerleading team, you celebrated with me and made me feel like I never had a reason to worry.  For me, that day we went from sisters, to friends, and from that moment on I viewed you so differently.  I admired you.

I admire your intelligence.  Being “Sarah’s sister” through high school was never easy.  I could never quite live up to what that meant.  But it always motivated me to try.

I admire your gift of hospitality.  It comes so easy to you!  And what I love most is that you don’t stress.  Things don’t have to be perfect.  You just love on people right where you are, making people feel welcomed, and I constantly strive to be that way.

I admire what kind of mother you are.  You are engaged and present.  You put your kids above the million other tasks that vie for your attention each day.  You are creative and selfless with them, and they are some of the luckiest kids I know.

photo 22

You are my family, my friend, and one of the best people in my life.  I love you more than I could ever put into words!


Your annoying little sister

 *If you haven’t read about the letter writing challenge I’m doing for the month of June, you can here!  I hope you join me and find some time to write some encouraging words to the people you love in more than a quick email, or a short text.

June is for Writing Letters

In trying to do things a little different around here, I’ve been searching for some new ideas, and yesterday I came across one that I think will be both fun and unique!  Laura Tremaine, over at Hollywood Housewife, had the great idea to spend the month of June writing more letters, and I’m totally up for the challenge!

Writing letters is thoughtful, kind, sweet, and sort of magical.  I used to love sending cards and letters to people when I was in high school.  I would collect all kinds of cards and stationary and send words of encouragement to anyone I had an address for!  Somewhere along the way in the past 15 years I got busy and decided I didn’t have time to do this precious task.  What a shame.  While this challenge will look a little different since it will be unfolding online, I still think taking time to write letters to those that I love and cherish will be joyous.  And who knows…maybe it will give me the kick I need to get back into sending words of encouragement on a more consistent basis.  I hope it persuades you to do the same!