The Easter Tree

Spring is finally here!

If you’re in Bend, Oregon, you wouldn’t know it because it’s still ridiculously cold, gray, and cloudy.  But it is officially Spring, and that alone is enough to put a skip in your step.  It means that flip-flop wearing is just around the corner.  That our days will only continue to get longer until we’re barbecuing hamburgers in the light at 8:30pm. It means bursts of color in the form of flowers are starting to peek through dirt that’s been covered in mounds of snow for the past several months.  It means that wearing a coat won’t always be necessary, and that I can finally wear my TOMS knowing my feet won’t freeze.

Thank you Jesus, Spring is finally here!

My good friend in Iowa (shout out Susie!) had decorations for just about every possible season.  Her home would be filled with decor that celebrated the specific time of year in the most fun ways!  I loved it!  I don’t do Spring decor justice like she does, but I do have one piece that I look forward to putting out every year…my Easter tree!

I developed a love for the Easter tree while traveling through Czech Republic a few years ago.  We were there in April and not only did people have them in their homes, but the trees in the village squares had giant eggs hanging from them!

The markets were filled with hand-painted eggs that are the most recognizable symbol of Easter in Czech Republic.

I decided this was one treasure I could not live without.  There were SO many to pick from, but I carefully chose 18 beautifully hand-painted works of art…**

…and painstakingly carried them through three different airports, and hours upon hours of very long flights to make sure they made it back to Oregon in one piece.  And they did!

Now every year I get to enjoy the tradition of the Easter tree in my own home.  These are some of my very favorites…














I put it up at the start of Spring and leave it up through Easter, and am always reminded of one of the most beautiful countries I have ever been so lucky to visit.  Buckle up friends!  Spring is in the air!

**You should be so lucky that this picture doesn’t show the atrocity that was my bangs.  Thanks to a New Zealand hairdresser that was practicing on a mannequin head, my bangs were chopped to a generous 2 inches long.  It made for lots of tears, creativity with bobby pins, and a bunch of beautiful pictures in Europe with this forever reminder.  For those of you that had to witness them when I returned…at least they had made it to 2 1/2 inches long.

6 thoughts on “The Easter Tree

  1. Gail says:

    the eggs are gorgeous… thanks for sharing.. that might be a project for some grandkids.. to start a New tradition..thanks for sharing..

  2. tara jean says:

    Hi you! I was reading the about you section of your blog and got so excited because I saw our wedding cake in one of the pictures! you are so lovely and talented and I just wanted to say hi other than the two min I see you at Church-Maybe we should hang out some time-Love you and love stalking your blog

  3. Sarah Swan says:

    It’s true you would love doing them. I think Might take our eggs and do a tree. I don’t know why I never thought of that before!

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